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We live our lives by the light of the silvery moon. Waxing and waning, it accompanies us throughout life's journey. With this in mind, we created our collection of Moon NecklacesYour Moon allows you to wear the moon as it appeared in the sky the day your child was born. Or, perhaps, you wish to commemorate another special date. 
Your Moon makes a wonderful Gift for Mums. It's also an inspired Christening Gift - a unique and personal present that will be worn in years to come. We wanted to make this necklace a secret for the wearer, to be shared with those she chooses. There are no craters, no man-in-the-moon, no hint of cheese. Just moonlight and shadow that tells of a moment in your life and the creation of a new one. And, to memorialise that moment, why not let us engrave a name and date on the reverse? 
To begin your moon phase journey, simply click on our Moon Calculator.