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Our Story

About Us.We Love Mummy
There is no stronger bond in the world than that between a mother and child and that bond is forged from pure love. That, in all its simplicity, is the inspiration behind We Love Mummy. We design collections in homage to all the mums and mums-to-be out there. 
We've been hand-making Pregnancy Necklaces for nearly 30 years and, in that time, adorned many thousands of mums. We Love Mummy presented the opportunity to create new designs using sound and develop a small range of handheld Pregnancy Chimes. We're very happy with the result. Add to that story-led designs for mum, a Christening Collection, a range for little wrists and necks and our very personal Moon Necklace Collection (wear the moon as it appeared on the day your child was born!) and you have the essence of We Love Mummy.
We're passionate about the role jewellery can play in a person's life. Not just the jewellery that you see, but rather the power it can carry. A bent silver sixpence becomes a love token. A charm bracelet memorialises a person's time on this earth. The simplest of pendants serve as a lucky talisman. We've infused our designs with this world of secrets. Each piece carries a story, known only to the mum who receives it. She shares it with those she chooses. 

If, by wearing one of our designs, you hear - from time to time - a whispered we love you or feel a reassuring hug, we've done our job. We hope you enjoy exploring and finding a piece that mummy will wear for years to come.