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We believe that a silver necklace, with a hidden message, will quickly become one of the most loved pieces in a jewellery box. It's the perfect Gift for Mums and mums-to be. Jewellery and keepsakes that are gifted with love often contain secrets: an engraved name, a date, a sentiment. Simple and meaningful, these dedications create an emotional attachment that the years cannot erase. At We Love Mummy, we positively encourage this sort of behaviour!
Choose a design - perhaps our Family Charm or Busy Bee Necklace - and we will happily engrave a name and year or a short dedication. Tell mum how much you love her or simply celebrate a christening with a personal touch. Once we engrave your sentiment or dedication on a piece, that piece becomes forever connected to the person you give it to.
We Love Mummy is home to many more great Gift Ideas for Mum. Explore each of our collections for inspired jewellery that carries a secret.